Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors that are the driving force for Crittenton Centers. We are thankful for their leadership and support within our organization in the community.

Board of Directors FY23
Adam Pulley, Chair
Ashley Spain, Vice Chair
Joe Gualandri, Treasurer
Paul Crusen, Assistant Treasurer
Jill Johnson, Secretary

Stephanie Arnold
Chaille Becker
Alicia Choitz
Kelly Daniels
Meg Dixon
Darcy Gibson
Jennifer Hodum
Chris Horkavi
Erin Koller
Glenn Maxey
Chris McCall
Laura Petersen
Kim Roberts
Dr. Nicole Sudholt
Shelly Telford
Jennifer Thompson
Nicole Ward

Dr. Cindy Fischer
Joan Janssen

Marilyn Ullman
Christine Bonati Bollwinkle

If you were interested in meeting/presenting with our Board of Directors please contact our Development & Marketing Director

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